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Feasibility Studies

Feasibility StudiesWhile we understand that fundraising is more an art than a science, our Planning and Feasibility Studies are designed to determine how well positioned an organization is to achieve the traditional standards and hallmarks associated with successful campaign programs. Through these studies, Holmes, Radford & Avalon, Inc. (HRA) uncovers the ways and means to lead organizations to success, even when the challenges may appear daunting.

As Sherlock Holmes would carefully analyze data and then deduce logical conclusions, we bring similar tenacity, creative thinking, imagination and the knowledge from our cumulative years of experience to each specific assignment, regardless of size and circumstances. HRA believes that this approach is fundamental in leading the way to achieve fundraising success. Specifically, our process involves a series of steps that are significant in building a formula and road map for achievement, including:

  • Personal, Face-to-Face Interviews
  • One-on-One Telephone Interviews
  • Informational Discussions with Volunteers and Staff
  • Small Group Discussions
  • Evaluation of Campaign Readiness
  • Preliminary Research on Foundations and Other Potential Funding Organizations
  • A Review of an Organization’s Fundraising Plans and Historic Patterns of Support
  • An Assessment of Recent and Anticipated Significant Fundraising Activities in the Area

A careful, systematic approach to these steps enables us to best assess community interest and attitudes toward the proposed fundraising effort. Devoting time to creative thinking and research can reveal strengths and constraints that could have a significant impact on fundraising potential. The study also helps us to ascertain how well an organization is positioned to conduct a Capital Campaign and what it must do in order to achieve success.Patriotic

Chances are that we’ve seen a similar challenge to those our clients face in our many years of experience as individuals and as a firm. We leverage our experience and the insights gained from it to professionally assess the distinct needs of each client. From there, we create specifically tailored strategies and an approach to success that will lead to achievement of tangible, inspiring results. Sometimes, when our studies suggest that the timing, donor receptivity, Case Statement or goal of a given project is not satisfactorily positioned, we provide alternatives that assist clients with their specific development needs in other ways.

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