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Who can go wrong with Sherlock Holmes on your team?

Evergreen Retirement Community"I worked with Jim on Evergreen's campaign 10 years ago and along with the Foundation Board chose him again without interviewing any other consultants this second time around.

What makes HRA so special? I was the lead consultant! I was allowed to complete campaign work myself - write the letters, the vision statement, the main materials and alter items like the timeline, the solicitor training, the campaign purpose to suit our needs. Everything was done to accommodate Evergreen and to make sure our campaign had Evergreen's face, not HRA's.

Finally, our success at raising $2 million instead of the $1.5 million goal was reason enough!

I'm confident that our newest endeavor will be just as successful! Then, who can go wrong with Sherlock Holmes on your team?"
Evergreen Retirement Community

- Carol Staszkiewicz
Vice President, Foundation Development
Evergreen Retirement Community
Oshkosh, Wisconsin