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Best I've Seen!

"It was 12 degrees when I ventured out this morning. I would have felt sorry for myself as I scraped ice off the windshield, but then I remembered your message re the 45 degrees below zero. So I guess Florida's beckon grows louder?

Thank you very much for your useful suggestions on our newsletter format and content. We will be changing our masthead this month because of our new name. Will incorporate your suggestion of a larger nameplate. I'll fax it to you for feedback.

Again, I really appreciate your thorough review of the literature I sent you and your useful suggestions. I hope many blessings are in store for you in the new year. Stay Warm!

P.S. HRA sent me a copy of the mission statement and capital campaign brochure for St. Patrick Center (St. Louis). Best I've seen - a great job "manifesting the drama" of the homeless."Hope Harbor

- Terry Chaney, ESQ
Former Executive Director
Hope Harbor
Claremore, Oklahoma