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You Inspire Confidence in Listeners

"This was an excellent topic because it is relevant to nonprofits of all sizes. As you mentioned, it can be an effective tool for organizations undertaking a campaign, dealing with strategic planning issues and other needs. You provided members with a general timeframe for a study as well as what information should be sought in the survey and the roles of board members, stakeholders and the professionals directing the campaign. AFP St. Louis Regional Chapter

As a presenter, you inspire confidence in listeners as a professional eminently qualified to both teach this topic and deliver these services. You communicated an ethical approach in your interaction with clients in several areas including your comment that you would refuse a job if you felt that the board, staff and other stakeholders were neither enthusiastic nor ready to undertake a campaign. In short, your demeanor inspires confidence."

~ Diane Rawizza, MBA, CFRE
Program Committee Co-Chair
St. Louis Regional Chapter of AFP