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Always Energized After a Visit!

Jim, I am always energized after you come to visit! It has been a productive afternoon
for Clark County. I appreciate your suggestions - I needed them and you delivered.Human Resources Center of Edgar and Clark Counties

Thanks again,

Kristin E. Chittick
Capital Campaign Coordinator
Human Resources Center of Edgar and Clark Counties

Rated Best Since 2005!

"Thanks! This Program, The Inspiring Power of Philanthropy, was rated as one of our best since 2005!"

UHY Advisors
~ Patrick Rohrkaste
UHY Financial Advisors
NFP Roundtable
St. Louis, MO

You Inspire Confidence in Listeners

"This was an excellent topic because it is relevant to nonprofits of all sizes. As you mentioned, it can be an effective tool for organizations undertaking a campaign, dealing with strategic planning issues and other needs. You provided members with a general timeframe for a study as well as what information should be sought in the survey and the roles of board members, stakeholders and the professionals directing the campaign. AFP St. Louis Regional Chapter

As a presenter, you inspire confidence in listeners as a professional eminently qualified to both teach this topic and deliver these services. You communicated an ethical approach in your interaction with clients in several areas including your comment that you would refuse a job if you felt that the board, staff and other stakeholders were neither enthusiastic nor ready to undertake a campaign. In short, your demeanor inspires confidence."

~ Diane Rawizza, MBA, CFRE
Program Committee Co-Chair
St. Louis Regional Chapter of AFP

Awesome Workshop!

"Aloha Jim,

Thank You for your very generous contribution to our organization & other Maui nonprofits. The wealth of knowledge based on so many years of experience and success that you have was so evident in the morning's presentation. We all learned a tremendous amount and were inspired to move forward on implementing new approaches to strengthening our financial base. Awesome workshop!"Maui Invasive Species

Teya Penniman
Maui Invasive Species Committee

We are Very Happy with the Staff at HRA

"We are about an hour south of St. Louis. We had a feasibility study last year and contacted three consulting firms. We are very happy with the staff at HRA and selected them for the study as well as the current capital campaign. They understand the essence of our small town and fit in nicely. I believe they just finished a campaign for St. Elizabeth's. I'm sure Natalie Jablonski would be willing to discuss it with you, also."Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital

- Lauren Moore
Friends Foundation
Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital

Best I've Seen!

"It was 12 degrees when I ventured out this morning. I would have felt sorry for myself as I scraped ice off the windshield, but then I remembered your message re the 45 degrees below zero. So I guess Florida's beckon grows louder?

Thank you very much for your useful suggestions on our newsletter format and content. We will be changing our masthead this month because of our new name. Will incorporate your suggestion of a larger nameplate. I'll fax it to you for feedback.

Again, I really appreciate your thorough review of the literature I sent you and your useful suggestions. I hope many blessings are in store for you in the new year. Stay Warm!

P.S. HRA sent me a copy of the mission statement and capital campaign brochure for St. Patrick Center (St. Louis). Best I've seen - a great job "manifesting the drama" of the homeless."Hope Harbor

- Terry Chaney, ESQ
Former Executive Director
Hope Harbor
Claremore, Oklahoma

Absolute Perfect Personality for Raising Funds

"Jim has the absolute perfect personality for raising funds, especially in a rural area where farmers and local citizens are reluctant to talk about their finances or trust "outsiders." Jim immediately fit within the fabric of our community, and everything he has told us has fallen into place thus far, which simply proves that he is at the top of his field.Hopedale Medical Complex I recommend Holmes, Radford & Avalon, Inc. without reservation and would be pleased to speak to you in person regarding the progress in our $2 million Campaign."

- Mark F. Rossi, COO
Hopedale Medical Complex

Thanks for Your Time Discussing Strategies for Success

"Dan, I am excited about GASA's Capital Campaign with you as the Lead Consultant from Holmes, Radford & Avalon. Thanks for lunch and your time discussing strategies for success!"Guardian Angel Settlement Association

- Lauretta Holloway
Guardian Angels Settlement Association
St. Louis

Who can go wrong with Sherlock Holmes on your team?

Evergreen Retirement Community"I worked with Jim on Evergreen's campaign 10 years ago and along with the Foundation Board chose him again without interviewing any other consultants this second time around.

What makes HRA so special? I was the lead consultant! I was allowed to complete campaign work myself - write the letters, the vision statement, the main materials and alter items like the timeline, the solicitor training, the campaign purpose to suit our needs. Everything was done to accommodate Evergreen and to make sure our campaign had Evergreen's face, not HRA's.

Finally, our success at raising $2 million instead of the $1.5 million goal was reason enough!

I'm confident that our newest endeavor will be just as successful! Then, who can go wrong with Sherlock Holmes on your team?"
Evergreen Retirement Community

- Carol Staszkiewicz
Vice President, Foundation Development
Evergreen Retirement Community
Oshkosh, Wisconsin


It's Been A Skill-building Pleasure Working With You!

Riverbend Head Start"Jim, Thank you for these useful materials. We look forward to keeping you apprised of our progress. It's been a skill-building pleasure working with you!"

- Debby Edelman
Director of Development & Communication
Riverbend Head Start
Alton, Illinois

It's A Pleasure Working with HRA!

"Effingham County Community FoundationThank you so much for a great presentation to our Chamber of Commerce, and all the work you have done on this project! It's a pleasure working with HRA!"

Joedy Hightower
Executive Director
Effingham County Community Foundation
Effingham, Illinois

Thanks For An Excellent Experience

"Jim, as I mentioned in my phone message, thanks for an excellent experience on Saturday! I know my Board Members were very satisfied with the day, and we are all looking forward to the upcoming activity. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and sincerely appreciated your depth of experience and comfortable presentation style."

Thanks again Jim!Willows Way
Steve Brennell
Executive Director
Willows Way, Inc.
St. Charles, MO

Thank You for your Time, Advice & Encouragement

"Dear Jim,

Thank you for visiting yesterday. I appreciate that you were supportive, reassuring and practical. I can see why Holmes, Radford & Avalon is a leader in development consulting.

You will hear from us soon about our progress toward a Major Giving Society and Planned Giving Campaign. Dan Reynolds is giving us the direction and tools we need to launch them and we anticipate great success. He is certainly an asset to HRA and to us.Riverbend Head Start & Family Services

Again, thank you for your time, advice and encouragement. It was a pleasure."

Chuck Parr
Riverbend Head Start & Family Services

Far Exceeded My Expectations

"Dan, I am reviewing our audit workpapers for Guardian Angels and was completely blown away by the astounding success of their capital campaign. Especially in these troubling economic times, their pledges committed and collected so far, have far exceeded my expectations. I just wanted to send you a quick note of congratulations for the role your Firm played in this campaign."Guardian Angel Settlement Association

- Thomas S. Helm, CPA
Board of Directors
Guardian Angels
St. Louis, MO

Your Support Has Been Invaluable

Jazz St. Louis"Thanks for the feedback and vote of confidence, Dan. Appreciate your attendance and participation today - you helped put our progress in perspective and increased the credibility of our efforts so far. Your support has been invaluable in keeping things on track despite the setbacks - fingers crossed that we can wrap up a few more gifts before year end - 'tis the season!"

- Pam Trapp
President, Board of Directors
Jazz St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri

Thanks For Providing An Invaluable Service

"Jim and Dan: As someone who personally has a genuine affection for Proctor and the Peoria community, and is professionally aligned with Proctor, allow me to thank you for your presentation last evening. I so much appreciated the caliber, and I believe truthful content, of your unvarnished delivery. It is my observation that truth can be an elixir whose taste, while sometimes bitter to taste, has the power to heal the patient - it is as well too often scarce in supply and no amount of money can sometimes acquire it. Thanks again for providing an invaluable service on behalf of this institution I care very much for."Proctor Hospital

- Robert A. Meister, M.D.
Internal Medicine Proctor Hospital
Peoria, Illinois

Memorable and Knowledeable

"As we are meeting with the Foundation leaders, a number of them have referenced "the folks that did your feasibility study" as memorable and knowledgeable. You all really made an impression on the people you met with here."The Women's Community

- Jane Grahm
Executive Director
The Women's Community
Wausau, Wisconsin

We Are Quite Pleased


Wanted to drop a note to you regarding a reference I wanted to give you. A fundraising consultant I am quite familiar with, Jim Radford of Holmes, Radford & Avalon has been a consultant for my Boys Club of St. Louis for the past two calendar years.

HRA has performed a full range of fundraising services of which we are quite pleased. Further, I was associated initially with him when he was the consultant that St. Elizabeth's used in their drive several years ago for technology.

Jim is extremely reasonable, hard working, and is hands on and engaged on the project at hand. I was made aware that his firm is in the process of reviewing a potential project with your organization.

Gene Slay's Boys Club of St. LouisI would be delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding this email and would be pleased to give you or a member of your team any additional information regarding Mr. Radford."

- Andy Blassie
President, Board of Directors
Gene Slay's Boys' Club
St. Louis, Missouri

Very Nice Presentation

"Jim - once again, thanks for presenting at our "Endowment Building" Roundtable this morning. You gave another very nice presentation. We had many, many positive comments about your program and the many helpful tips you shared with the group. Thanks very much for your time and effort preparing."

UHY Advisors- Angie Fink
St. Louis, MO

Extraordinary Amount of Experience

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Saint Louis"While you certainly have an immediate challenge at the University, you
also have an exciting opportunity. I highly recommend Jim Radford as
a man with high integrity. He has an extraordinary amount of experience
adept at facing challenges like the one you described this morning."

Dan Shasserre
Former Vice President Development
Catholic Charities
St. Louis, Missouri


It was wonderful to have someone with such expertise on my side!


"Thank you for taking the time to mentor me through this phase of growth for Farmshed.
  It was wonderful to have someone with such expertise on my side!"

Layne Cozzolino
Executive Director