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Capacity Building

The most basic way to define Capacity Building is the “actions that improve a nonprofit’s effectiveness” as they work towards mission fulfillment. Holmes, Radford & Avalon, Inc. (HRA) specializes in Capacity Building programs that enable our clients to pursue new visions, reach higher standards and increase fundraising results so that they can operate with greater impact.

Many nonprofits operate at less than their full potential, particularly in the area of Major Gifts and High-Impact Fundraising, but Capacity Building projects can vary in scope depending upon a nonprofit’s particular needs. The focus of these endeavors can include training, coaching, board development, strategic planning, fundraising, courageous leadership development, and overall organizational evaluation. HRA brings a wealth of experience to each of its clients for improved performance.

Holmes, Radford & Avalon, Inc. provides direction and leadership, intervening to honestly evaluate and assess how well a client is positioned for effectively fulfilling its mission. Through Capacity Building programs, HRAdirectly assists with the process of dynamic and purposeful change for each of our clients.

Capacity Building

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