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The 12 Essentials of Successful Fundraising

Watch your nonprofit grow!Successful fundraising is in many ways an art more than it is a science. Fortunately, those who have been engaged in Major Gift Initiatives have found that there are time-tested lessons garnered from experience that characterize most successful endeavors.

12 Essentials of Successful Fundraising are effective, yet simple ways to get your organization’s fundraising needs on track!

At Holmes, Radford, & Avalon we have found the following 12 Essentials of Successful Fundraising to be at the heart of most productive initiatives…


Align your organization’s needs with the needs of donors to create a donor-centered approach.  Remember, donors have visions too!


Maintain relationship building as the primary goal of fund raising activities, not simply getting a check.


Craft a Compelling Case for Support.  One that people can not only relate to, but will also inspire them to action!


Clearly communicate the key aspects of your organization’s values and culture.


Build a giving constituency from which you can gain tangible, reliable, and consistent results.


Guide yourself with detailed written plans, methods and goals.  These should be your road maps to success!


Adhere to a realistic, appropriate budget with corresponding expectations for philanthropic revenue returns.


Commitment and patience are imperative on the part of organization leaders.  They need to be both motivated and action-oriented.


Create an Inspiring Vision that will make people eager to be a part of your organization and its mission.  Remember, giving is a form of participation.


Passion and tenacity are a must!


Good stewardship goes a long way.  You should never have to prepare for an audit.  Stay organized and keep your word on the promises you’ve made.


Assemble a force of people willing to not only give to the organization, but in turn ask others to do likewise.  We call these people…storytellers with a purpose.